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Arlington Siding Pros installs various types of metal sidings. However, the most popular choices being steel and aluminum. In general, metal siding has been a popular and viable alternative to wood and vinyl siding materials when it comes to durability. Needless to say, metal is among the few resources in the world that possesses remarkable strength, toughness, and hardness. This is why it has been a popular material used across different types of industries.

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Metal Siding Types:

As mentioned, there are currently two types of metal popularly used in metal siding installations: steel and aluminum. Although both metals are relatively bearing the same properties and qualities of metal in general, each of them actually have their own strengths and benefits.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is generally known for its remarkable resistance to deterioration. Overall, it is resistant to rotting, rusting, and blistering. In addition, it is also well known as an impervious material that cannot easily be penetrated by wind, water and moisture. And just like any metal, it is resistant to fire and unaffected by termite infestation. Despite being lightweight, aluminum is also among the most durable materials used in siding installations.
Nevertheless, aluminum has its drawbacks as well. In general, it needs regular maintenance. When an aluminum siding is neglected of maintenance, it usually gets prone to scratches and corrosion.

Steel Siding

A lot like aluminum, steel possesses the same qualities and properties. However, it is known to be a stronger and tougher than aluminum. It also displays remarkable durability with most of steel siding installations lasting for almost 30 years. To top it all off, it requires little maintenance, unlike the former metal siding material mentioned above. Upkeep for it only involves washing and priming scratches from time to time.

About The Metal Siding Process

Arlington Siding Pros is considered as the leading metal siding installers in Virginia. Admittedly, metal siding systems are among the most popular metal siding materials that homeowners opt for when it comes to siding installations. Hence, we have worked on a lot of metal siding systems in the past.

However, this merit is not rewarded because of how many metal siding systems we have installed through the years, but because of how remarkable the quality of these installments we have worked on in the past. Harnessing the skills and experience we have gathered from previous projects, we continuously installed metal siding systems that are better than the last. So, if you’re interested in having one installed for your home, do not hesitate to give us a call. After all, we are the only experts you should trust when it comes to metal siding systems.