What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Vinyl Siding

Arlington Siding Pros is one of the leading vinyl siding installers in the state of Virginia. In general, vinyl is a popular material in a lot of siding projects. Aside from being affordable, it has a myriad of advantageous perks that makes it among the best material to use for siding installations. Nonetheless, our company only works with top vinyl suppliers when it comes to installations. In this way, we are assured that the material we use in all of our siding projects are of the best quality.

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Overview Of Our Vinyl Siding

At the most basic level, vinyl is a popular siding material used in a lot of residential homes all over the country. For starters, it’s rather popular because it’s a flexible material that opens a lot of doors for styling opportunities. Vinyl is the only siding material that offers a wide array of styling options and colors. Furthermore, it has properties that far outweighs other types of siding materials in the industry.

Overall, vinyl offers long-lasting color performance, extreme durability, resistance to weather and elements, and immunity to water damage. Unlike siding materials such as wood and fiber cement, vinyl does not need to be upgraded for water sealing. In addition, you can save on siding maintenance and upkeep if you have vinyl siding installed. This is because the material itself does not require much when it comes to maintenance. Far from other types of siding materials, vinyl siding doesn’t need painting, staining, or caulking. Basically, upkeep for it only involves cleaning and washing from time to time. Needless to say, this can save you a lot of money, time, and energy when it comes to maintenance.

To top it all off, vinyl is known to have green features. The sustainable attributes of vinyl siding have been recognized and documented in the industry’s first environmental product declarations or EPDs. Not to mention, vinyl siding releases no harmful solvent making it a sustainable, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly material to use. Aside from this, it’s viable component that increases energy efficiency in a home. Hence, it’s a siding material used in a lot of sustainable and energy saving residential homes in the state of Virginia.


Vinyl Siding Color and Styling Options

As mentioned, vinyl offers a great deal of benefits, but one of its redeeming qualities is its availability in a wide assortment of styles and colors. With Arlington Siding Pros alone, a homeowner has the luxury to choose 400 colors, all of which are resistant and protected from fading and deteriorating.

In the aspect of style, there is a wide variety of finishes that our company has in store for you. In addition, our siding specialists and experts can even assist you in choosing a finish and style profile that is compatible with your home. This, of course, includes selecting vinyl siding accessories like scallops, shutters, and shake. Ultimately, each accessory can accentuate your home in different ways. Shutter accents are known to make your windows pop, while scallops and shake accents adds an irresistible charm to your home. Nevertheless, our team will help you match your personal preferences with the right style options to create the look you have always dreamed of.


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